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Yogyata Samaj Kalyan Sewa Samiti wished to open and develop a Sanskrit Vidyalaya on a national scale in the future, as well as to promote the Sanatan Sanskrit of an educational organization committed to assisting impoverished children. The Yogyata Samaj Kalyan Sewa Samiti provides Education on Sanskrit and believes that Sanatana Sanskrit, a phrase used in Hinduism to define the “eternal” or absolute set of obligations or religiously decreed behaviors that all Hindus, regardless of class, caste, or sect, must follow.

Various texts provide varying sets of obligations, but in general, Sanatana Sanskrit comprises of values such as honesty, refraining from harming living creatures, purity, benevolence, mercy, patience, forbearance, self-restraint, generosity, and asceticism. one's obligation or the specific tasks imposed on an individual based on his or her class, caste, and stage

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