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The Yogyata Samaj Kalyan Sewa Samiti has achieved remarkable progress in the health sector. However, several eye-opening NFHS data clearly shows that access to care remains a difficulty. While rural India's health statistics remain awful, the health condition and access to health for the poor among urban slum dwellers has been revealed to be similarly deplorable, with fewer than 4% of government primary care facilities.

The Yogyata Samaj Kalyan Sewa Samiti provides service Urban slum and needy inhabitants suffer from poor health conditions for two primary reasons: first, a lack of education and consequently a lack of knowledge; and second, an unwillingness to forego a day’s salary to go to the nearest medical facility. Due to this region yogyata samaj is provide voluntary services related to health checkups, medicine distribution, and provide Medical emergencies for people who suffer from major diseases like Cancer, AIDS, etc.

Thus, a two-pronged strategy is required – first, to bring excellent healthcare services to the doorsteps of the poor, and second, to encourage healthcare knowledge and current healthcare-seeking behavior among the disadvantaged.

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