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Mission Education is a national-level initiative of Yogyata Samaj Kalyan Sewa Samiti, an poor child education ngo in up dedicated to helping disadvantaged children with basic education fees, books, notebooks, bags, and healthcare. Yogyata Samaj Kalyan Sewa Samiti provides poor child education ngo in up  believes that there is a better place to start than in education, whether you are tackling healthcare, poverty, population control, unemployment, or human rights. Education is both the means and the end goal of a better life; the means because it enables an individual to earn a living, and the end goal because it raises one’s awareness on a variety of issues – from healthcare to appropriate social behavior to understanding one’s rights – and allows one to evolve as a better individual as a result.

Poor Child Education NGO in Up

  • Yogyata Samaj Kalyan Sewa Samiti provides free education and other services related to education provide to Pre-school [3-6 yrs], Non-Formal Education [6-14 yrs non-school attending], Remedial Education [6-14 yrs school going], and Bridge Course [14-18 yrs drop-outs] are among Sewa Samiti's educational programs.
  • It is an education program that works to educate underprivileged children who are in difficult circumstances, such as child labor, children of the poorest of parents, children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, street and runaway children, children with rare disabilities, disaster-stricken children, and slum children. Special focus is placed on girl and woman education to empower them and their families.
poor child education ngo in up


education is a public level drive of Yogyata Samaj Kalyan Sewa Samiti, an unfortunate kid schooling NGO in up devoted to assisting hindered youngsters with essential instruction expenses, books, note pads, sacks, and medical care. Yogyata Samaj Kalyan Sewa Samiti gives unfortunate kid schooling and work on poor child education ngo in up accepts that there is a preferable spot to begin once again in training, whether you are handling medical care, neediness, populace control, joblessness, or basic liberties.

In the current times, similar to land and sky, neediness and schooling additionally have no match. The offspring of an unfortunate family is either not ready to go to the everyday schedule concentrating on a little he needs to pass on his investigations because of one explanation or the other. The young men of unfortunate families some way or another figure out how to concentrate on dependent upon a few level, yet numerous young ladies from unfortunate families can’t pass the boundary of school even in for what seems like forever. that’s way we are open poor child education ngo in up.

  • These days instruction has become so costly that even a middle class family is becoming weary of paying the expenses of their kids, so how might an unfortunate family oversee such a lot of cash. What's more, in the event that it involves sending their kids to non-public schools, the state of even the great rich deteriorates. In such a circumstance, in the event that a kid from an unfortunate family gets advanced education, not to mention distance training, it would be no joking matter. In such a situation, our NGO works on complete poor child education ngo in up so that all children can study.
  • In such an expansion, if by some stroke of good luck two feasts a day is made in a needy individual's home, it is sufficient, it involves satisfaction to get legitimate garments to cover one's body, in such a circumstance, it is truly challenging to spend for studies. That’s way we open a poor child education ngo in up.

What we do

  • Regardless of how the offspring of unfortunate families arrive at the school by walking or by whatever other means, there are no extraordinary plans for training in such schools. No assets are accessible to make sense of for the kids in the easiest manner. There is consistently an absence of new innovations in such schools to make review fascinating. In such schools neither quality books are accessible nor there is any unique strategy for training. Just youngsters and educators play out their own liability of going back and forth to school. that’s way we are open a poor child education ngo in up .
  • Assuming you get some down time and take a gander at the Anganwadis or government schools around you, then, at that point, practically every one of them will be in a similar condition. At certain spots the external walls of the school are broken, at certain spots the top of the study halls is falling and at different spots there is no such thing as a homeroom by any stretch of the imagination. Cows and buffaloes are tied close to them and the instructor is attempting to show the youngsters close by while the kids' consideration is elsewhere. In such schools, seats, tables or seats are additionally seen in exceptionally uncommon conditions for the kids to sit. our poor child education ngo in up wants best education and knowledge has to be provided to the children and they have to be given such an environment so that they can study well.
  • Indeed, even today there is no contrast among young men and young ladies in the urban communities, yet even today there are towns where there is viewed as no point in teaching young ladies. Indeed, even today the attitude of unfortunate families is old. Despite the fact that the time of marriage of young ladies in the nation has been fixed at 18 years, yet even today in the unfortunate groups of the towns, young ladies are hitched at the age of 14-15 years. In such a circumstance, no young lady can arrive at even the fifth standard soon. Our our poor child education ngo in up wants to educate girls and boys equally. We want to see every girl child educated of our society.

What problem we solve

  • children education doesn't get finished by simply preparing the youngsters and sending them to school consistently. It is additionally vital for youngsters to get new books and methods. An elevated degree of schooling requires a ton of use in the current times. Aside from studies, use is additionally expected to upgrade different gifts. Youngsters should get information on PC and so on from youth, which is taken under the cost of schooling. our poor child education ngo in up tries to educate children in every way.

In unfortunate families, youngsters start to acknowledge family obligations when they are 13-14 years of age. Since youth, they have been living with restricted assets. With expanding age, similar to every other person, their necessities likewise increment, to satisfy which they see no other arrangement other than acquiring themselves. 

The obligation of the entire family lays on the oldest dad in the house. The costs likewise expansion similarly when the kids grow up and it is truly challenging for just a single individual from the family to bear this cost. Because of which the kids begin doing little positions some place to procure themselves and the examinations stay behind the scenes. That’s why our organization has started the poor child education ngo in up Initiative so that we can help such children.

poor child education ngo in up
  • In present times, the expense of any more significant level training is an enormous sum for an unfortunate family. A youngster from an unfortunate family who is excellent in examinations, subsequent to concentrating on till 10-12, his examinations stop there due to the monetary state of the house.
  • A few kids who are seriously encouraging attempt to keep up with their examinations by showing little educational cost however they can't gather the expenses to get more elevated level of training. Regardless of how promising an offspring of an unfortunate family might be, yet in the present time, it demonstrates truly challenging for him to read up for a specialist, engineer. We are started poor child education ngo in up Such children are very poor, we help them so that they too can become educated.
  • The main motive of our poor child education ngo in up is to educate poor children in every way.poor child education ngo in up Always tries to provide best education to children

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