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Yogyata samaj Kalayan Sewa Samiti is a trust it provide service on the Kanyadaan for poor girl marriages. Its major purpose is to execute kanyadaan for girls whose families cannot afford a wedding. We strive to help the girl and her family by covering the wedding expenditures, and we work to eliminate dowry and suicide as a result of a lack of cash for marriage.

Yogyata samaj Kalyan Sewa Samiti believes that no girl should be viewed as a burden just because of the cost of her marriage. We hope to offer all of the monies needed for a wedding and to assist such families and brides. A kanyadaan, according to us, is a better person than the one who does kanyadaan since he is contributing to the person to execute the most auspicious event.

  • Every year, we want to have as many girls as possible marry happily without any sacrifice on their or their family member's part.
  • We want to increase the number of girls we marry each year by involving as many people as possible. Yogyata samaj wishes to assist all such girls and families from all around the country in planning their weddings.
  • We want to establish our Kanyadaan India camps in various areas of the country so that brides from all over may register and more Kanyadaaners can be initiated.

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